The North Lindenhurst Fire Department was organized in 1957. They had their first department meeting on May 29 that year. Harvey Schomberg, a Company 1 member, was voted in as first president. The first elections of officers were held on October 2, 1957- the same day as Department elections. Thomas Jardula was voted Engine Company 1′s first Captain, Robett Scudari was voted 1st Lieutenant and Herb Smith was voted 2nd Lieutenant. Although they ran Company 1 without an engine or full house, the officers did an efficient job. On January 22, 1959, 1st Lieutenant Robert Schudari resigned and the company voted T. Caluccio to replace him.

When the North Lindenhurst Fire Department officially began fire service on January 1, 1960, Company 1 was using a 1947 Mack pumper. The members of Company 1 were dedicated and built the company up to what it is today.

On August 27, 1959 Chief Fink handed the pumper over to Captain N. Montelione. He served until 1961. Captain Montelione was the first Captain who had a fire engine.

North Lindenhurst steadily grew in population and permanent structures, which made it necessary to expand the fire equipment. The 1947 Mack pumper was good for learning firefighting technique but it couldn’t keep up with modern times. Therefore, the department purchased a 1961 Mack pumper that pumped at 1,000 gallons per minute. Joseph Ryder was captain of Vanguard Engine Company 1 then and he and his wife christened it into service. The Department had the truck striped and equipped. The new pumper 1-11-1 had only a Maltese cross on the door. The officers were: Captain Joseph Ryder, 1st Lieutenant Ernest Banke and 2nd Lieutenant J. Peterson.

Much of Vanguard Engine Company 1′s history during 1961 to 1967 was unrecorded. Nevertheless, the Captains who served during this period deserve esteemed recognition. 1961-1963 Captain Joseph Ryder 1957 An Ex-Chief, Joe Ryder was a charter member of this department who had much to do with its formulation and rise.

1963-1965 Captain Ernest Banke An Ex-Chief, Ernest Banke joined the department in 1958 and was an active and faithful member. In 1976 Company 1 recommended ExChief Banke for fireman of the year.

1965-1967 Captain Louis Garilli Lou Joined the department on May 9, 1960 and by 1965 was Captain of Company 1. Regrettably, Lou answered his last alarm on August 19, 1970. His brother firemen mourned his death and were proud to have served with him.

1967-1968 Captain William Busch An Ex-Chief, William joined the department in 1957 and was instrumental in its development. During 1967, Company 1 members changed their name from Vanguard Engine Company 1 to Engine Company 1 “Satans.” The new logo was a devil holding a pike pole in one hand and a horn in the other, wearing a helmet and boots. The logo was later changed to a devil holding a pike pole and a halligan tool.

In 1968, Harry Chapter was voted Captain and he served until 1969. He was also President of the department from 1961-1962. He was on numerous committees that helped build up the Department to where it is today. “Uncle Harry” was on the committee that built the second truck bay. In 1971 he was presented with the Fireman of the Year award due to his faithful firematic work.

In 1969 Roy Fries was elected Captain. By 1970 he was elected 2nd Assistant Chief under Chief Ernest Banke and Chief William Busch. All three were Ex-Captains of Company 1. Roy had the honor of being Captain when 1-11-1 was announced the best appearing apparatus at the 1969 Department Inspection.

In 1973, Chief Banke became Chief Engineer Banke with 1st Assistant Roy Fries and 2nd Assistant Allan Gassen. Chief Banke was a good-natured Chief that hardly yelled at the men so the Department declared him the “Good Shepherd.”

In 1973, Andrew DeSetto was elected Captain. He served until 1975.

Edward Serviss was elected Captain in 1975. He served until 1977 and was elected Captain again in 1978. In 1977, Russell Pierce was elected Captain and his two Lieutenants were James DeSetto and Ricky Eisenberg.

On January 14, 1978, the Department lost Chief Alexander Collie. He was the first chief to die in the line of duty. Chief Collie was fighting a fire at a Lindenhurst marina when he collapsed due to a heart attack. All members greatly mourned his death. Before his death that day, Chief Collie saved the life of Ex-Chief Joe Ryder by giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until he was transported to the hospital. Chief Collie was a hero.

Again elected to Captain of Engine 1, Edward Serviss had the honor of being in office when 1-11-1 was awarded the best appearing apparatus at the 1979 Department Inspection.

In 1979, Engine 1 (1-11 -1) was sold so that they could purchase two new Grumman Kenworth pumpers. The new pumpers did not arrive until January 1981, so the department borrowed a 1958 Open Cab Mack pumper from the Lindenhurst Fire Department “Bay Rats.” After a few months, Company 1 borrowed a Mack Pumper from North Babylon.

In 1980, serious injuries incapacitated Captain DeSetto and Roy Fries became Captain. He served with 1st Lieutenant Stephen Lingenfelter and 2nd Lieutenant Anthony Minite, Jr.

In 1980, 2nd Lieutenant Anthony Minite, Jr. received the Schafer Fireman of the Year award for dedicated service to his department. On December 7, 1980, the brand new 1980, 1,500-gpm Grumman-Kenworth pumper arrived being driven by Grumman Rep. Harley Hawkins.


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Thomas Moran – Captain
Michael Leitke – 1st Lieutenant
David Shook – 2nd Lieutenant