The North Lindenhurst Rescue Squad was organized November 20, 1958. The Squad had fifteen active members. The first ambulance was a 194 7 Cadillac borrowed for practicing first-aid and patient transportation. This ambulance was not used to serve the community but it served as a learning tool.

On June 1, 1960, the department purchased a new International Harvester ambulance. It contained only bare necessities required to perform minimal patient care. These included a stretcher, backboard, resuscitator, a few wooden splints and band-aids.

On July 1, 1960, the Rescue Squad, with ambulance, was officially put into service under the leadership of Captain Tony Dellacio and Lieutenant Charles LaFranchi. These men had a long and hard trail to blaze.

In July of 1964, Captain Charles LaFranchi and Lieutenant James Tucker welcomed their new ambulance, a “Cadillac.” It was equipped with all the advanced equipment of the era. In February of 1973, a new Cadillac ambulance was under the leadership of Captain Daniel Asquino and Lieutenant James DeSetto. The equipment on it was the most advanced to date including a sophisticated electrocardiogram machine with EKG strip recorder and ambu bag.

In 1975, the first female fire fighter in the Town of Babylon was admitted in the Department, making the word “fireman” obsolete. Linda Vecchio, a practical nurse and emergency medical technician, became an active member of Rescue.

As the years progressed, many new emergency medical advances and skills evolved within the Rescue Service. North Lindenhurst moved quickly to gain this experience to better serve their community. They attended cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses to aid them in saving the lives of heart attack victims. The term “First Aider” also became obsolete with the introduction of the Emergency Medical Technician course. It entailed 81 hours of classroom instruction and 10 hours of hospital observation. The men enrolled in the program and became knowledgeable in childbirth, fractures and other medical emergencies.

Rescue Company turned their skills and knowledge toward educating the community. They taught cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses and participated in many fire prevention programs sponsored by the Department.

In 1977, the Department obtained their most advanced ambulance. Captain Glenn Schafer and Lieutenant Steve Lingenfelter proudly received a new Horton Modular ambulance, which rode on a Chevy chassis.

Suffolk County Emergency Medical Services were planning the most advanced emergency aid plan in county history. The advanced emergency medical technician was soon born. North Lindenhurst, being the first department in the Town of Babylon to have emergency medical technicians, women fire fighters and the hurst tool, also became the first to join the Advanced Life Support System (A.L.S.).

This new training program involved more than 100 hours of classroom instruction, more than 10 hours of emergency room and cardiac care unit observation, observance on an autopsy, and participation in numerous drills. On September 1, 1978, the new advanced life support cardiac care unit went into service.

In 1982, under the authority of Chief Kenneth Eiring, the first 1-11-80, First Responder vehicle was put into service. This vehicle allowed EMTs to begin patient care prior to ambulance arrival. At this time there were twenty-five members of the Rescue Squad.

In 2001 the department established a Rescue Company. A member did not have to become a fire fighter and then train for the Rescue Company. New members were admitted to the ranks as Rescue personnel only.


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Susan Bosak – Captain
Keith Wagenhauser -1st Lieutenant
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