It has been a great honor and privilege to collect history for the 50th Anniversary of the North Lindenhurst Fire Department. After 19 years of service, I have known some of its history. Sitting down with our charter members and hearing of their pride and dedication 46 years later, it was like it was yesterday to them still. It was also great fun to look at all the pictures we found, the different uniforms they had over the years and the way the fire house has changed and grown in the last 50 years. It’s no wonder these ladies still have the same dedication now as they did back then. Below is an excerpt we found written by Mrs. Marie Noll. She was the publicity chairman for the Ladies’ first year and it really sums up the whole beginning of the Ladies Auxiliary.

In January of 1960 several ladies in North Lindenhurst, having received permission from the Fire Department, got together and formed a Steering Committee and proceeded to get a petition signed by all the ladies who had a relative in the Department. The committee then sent this petition to the Fire Department. After the men approved, the Auxiliary became a reality and the first organizational meeting of the newly formed Ladies Auxiliary of the North Lindenhurst Volunteer Fire Department was held on April 8, 1960.

Guest speaker for the evening was Mrs. Jack Callahan, Past President of the Town of Babylon. The Executive Board of the Fire Department and Mrs. Fred Chichester, President of the Lindenhurst Auxiliary were also present. Two important committees were formed. One was to nominate the candidates for office and the other was to draw up the by-laws by which our organization would be run. They had decided that these by-laws would be temporary – for one year – making any changes or amendments as they felt were needed.

At the next meeting in May, the following ladies were nominated and elected into office in the Auxiliary: Mrs. Charles Conklin, President; Mrs. William Carl, Vice-President; Mrs. Charles Probst, Secretary; Mrs. William Brodbeck, Treasurer; and Mrs. Arthur Fenton, Chaplin.

Now with having an Executive Board to guide them, the Auxiliary took a forward step in becoming active and started out on its first and most important year. There was a lot in store for them and a lot of work to do. There was the thought of answering coffee calls (signal 8s) for this is the basis of the auxiliary, to be available to assist at open house.

The ladies paraded in their first parade on July 4, 1960 in Lindenhurst Village. They were presented with an American flag by the American Legion post#1 120 by Mr. Frederick Eirbank, Americanism Chairman. The next parade was in North Babylon on Labor Day. For the ladies who paraded in this parade, there was something to be very proud of. They came home with a first place trophy for the “Best Appearing Ladies in Line.” They felt it quite an honor to stand their trophy by the ones the men had won on other occasions.

On September 18, 1960, there was an open house and dedication of the Fire House. Mr. Harvey Schomberg, President, had asked the ladies to be hostesses. Almost everybody was present and the day was really quite a success. Now that the first year has long passed, we like to look back to it as a year of great experiences, making wonderful friends and belonging to a truly great and dedicated organization for which we all say we are truly proud to belong to.

Today 46 years later, we still have a few of our charter members who are still very active. They are Mrs. Vivian Conklin, Past President, Mrs. Barbara Collie, Past President, Mrs. Dottie Reutlinger, and Mrs. Doris Chapter. In addition, two ladies who were there in the beginning, left for a while, and came back to us: Mrs. Mary Zeigner and Mrs. Doris Calabrese. Thank you ladies for all that you have done.


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Jillian Izaguirre – President
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Debora Deblasio – Treasurer
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